AromaWorks Body


Bespoke Body Ritual 1hr £50.00

A unique full body aromatherapy massage whereby the techniques and the blend of essential oils are tailored to your needs. Let your therapist help you choose from Relaxing, Revitalising, or detoxifying massage oils.

Express Back Ritual 30min £30.00/ 40min £40

When you don’t have a whole hour to spare. An aromatherapy back neck and shoulder massage using your choice of essential oils.

Hot Stone Back Ritual 30min £35.00/45min £45

An extremely relaxing treatment which uses heated volcanic stones to deeply soothe the muscles and mind. Using essential oils and slow movements, this massage is the perfect way to ease any tension and feel truly pampered.

AromaWorks Purifying Pamper 1hr 20min £85.00

This treatment is specially designed to remove the build up of toxins in the body.  The treatment begins with exfoliating to improve circulation and get rid of dead skin. Then receive a full body massage using a powerful blend of coriander and rose geranium to stimulate and boost toxic removal. Finish your treatment with a serving of cleansing tea to ensure you are purified from inside out. (shower required)

AromaWorks Himalayan Body Brilliance 50min  £50

This wonderful body polish treatment uses pink Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate the body leaving it silky soft and delicately fragranced. An expert blend of 84 trace minerals detoxifies the body and encourages nutrient absorption to nourish the skin. This treatment is completed with a conditioning fusion of 12 bioactive ingredients including the highly effective seagrass. (shower required)

AromaWorks Back Brilliance 30min  £40.00 

Because we can never reach our own! An invigorating back scrub using Himalayan sea salt followed by a mini, yet soothing massage using Your choice of aromatherapy oil.

AromaWorks Cocoon Indulgence 1hr 30min  £85.00

Drift away dreamily in this warm and cosy treatment! A delicate blend of sea salt and coconut oil is used to refine and rebalance the skin, before a rich formulation of pumpkin seed ,coconut and rosehip oil is generouslyapplied to the entire body. Lie back with a heated blanket and allow yourself to be wrapped up and cocooned whilst you receive a rejuvenating facial to ensure you are pampered from head to toe. Towards the end, listen for the sound of a Tibetan bowl to gently awaken you from tranquility. (shower required)

I can’t get enough of AromaWorks – If you feel the same after a treatment, remember I’m a home fragrance and skincare stockist too..

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